Product Development

Product Development

CCI is building a community, not only an industrial zone, While this business plan covers only the development of the industrial zones infrastructure, CCI is also busy making plans for the development of he future social infrastructure that accompanies the industrial zone. it is anticipated that the industrial zone will employ approximately 100,000 workers. As part of its agreement with the government , CCI must also develop a residential zone to house many of these workers and their families. These workers and their families could exceed 250,000 people which need access to schools, hospitals, markets, etc.

CCI is currently working with other private sector investors to build a school, a hospital and other social infrastructure projects. The community that develops alongside the POSEZ will indirectly create more jobs for local Cambodia in the region and within ten years Poipet could grow to rival neighboring Battambang Town.Poipet is currently a small trading town that gets all its agricultural products from Thailand. However, CCI hopes that a planned agricultural green belt in the area of the POSEZ will help to sufficiently sustain the growing community and make ti less dependant on imported Thai goods. A well planned green belt could supply the new town residents with rice, vegetables, fruits and meat from local livestock including pork, beef and chicken.


Maintenance and Support

Upon completion of the industrial zone, the POSEZ will be home for up to 150 factories. These factories will require continuous service and CCI will be responsible for providing security for the industrial zone and maintaining the roads and other infrastructure projects of the zone. CCI must provide water, electricity and sewage removal for all of the zone occupants.

Phase I of the Industrial Zone 50 Hectares

  • Highest Privilege of SEZ Incentives
  • Today 2013, the infrastructure of Phase 1 will begin with 5 factory to be operated.
  • Phase I will be able to accommodate 20 medium sized factories
  • Land lease prices will be offered at a special rate of $35 per m²  for 70 years
  • Abundant of labor force and lower pay scale
  • Smooth & Easy Investment by our One Stop Service (OSS)
  • Phase 1 of the Industrial Zone will create approximately 15,000 jobs
  • Basic infrastructure will be in place including:
    • 20MW power supply provided by Thailand our local partner
    • Clean water supply of 100m³ per hour
    • Solid waste processing plant
    • Telecommunication system
    • Roads (a 26m wide Main Road and a 22m sub-main road)
    • 24-hour security system
    • Fire Station
    • Medical Clinic...


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