Overview of POSEZ Infrastructure

Water demand

On average the POSEZ Industrial Zone would require 31,196m³/day. Assuming operations run 320 days per year the total average annual water demand would be 9,982,720m³. Under a maximum consump- tion scenario annual water demand would reach 13,976,000m³.

Power Supply:

For high voltage power, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand will connect high voltage lines of 115kV from a substation in Sakew province to a new 2 x 50MW substation in the POSEZ Industrial Zone. This new substation will convert the voltage from 115kV to 22kV for distribution to all factories within the zone.

For low voltage power, Submitlines will supply power to all utilities including the water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, lift station, drainage pumping station, CCI head office, Customs office, CDC office and other facilities. A 22kV/phase transformer will be installed at each location.
   • 30,000 m2 will be reserved for a future power plant within  the   POSEZ
   • Required power for the POSEZ is estimated at 45 MW

Water Filtration and Waste Water Treatment Plant:

    • 30,000 sq. meters will be reserved for the development of water  filtration facilities and 2 reservoirs
    • 30,000 sq. meters will be reserved for a waste water plant to recycle water from the SEZ

The central wastewater treatment plant in the POSEZ Industrial Zone will utilize an activated sludge process and have a capacity of 19,000m3/day

Solid and Liquid Waste Processing plant:

 • 5 hectares of land will be reserved for a Garbage Treatment Plant
 • The plant will include a 80 ton/hour/ furnace able to handle 700 tons per day

Solid waste generated within the industrial zone will be disposed of in a secured landfill. The landfill is planned for a plot of land east of the Submitindustrial zone adjacent to the waste water treatment plant.

The wastewater treatment plant will also contain an incinerator with a
capacity of 500kg/hr to facilitate the disposal of certain solid waste types.

Telecommunications SYSTEM:

    • Next Generation Network
    • Application Server Farm with billing system, UMS, call center, voice VPN, voice portal, video conference,

A telephone system for office buildings and factories will be installed according to the regulations and standards of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC). CCI will provide a telephony switching unit built ready for a concessionaire to install a system of at least 1,024 land lines.

ASEAN Highway

    • Scheduled to be completed in 2008 around the same time as completion of Phase I of the Industrial Zone
    • Will be completed under the direction of the Asian Development Bank
    • Will connect the huge economies of Thailand and Vietnam making Poipet strategically important
    • Will include a 13km road connecting National Road 5 with the new "O'Neang" Thai-Cambodian border checkpoint

ASEAN Railway

    • The ASEAN Railway will connect all Mainland ASEAN Nations with China
    • Upon completion this stretch of railway will pass by the POSEZ

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