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Infrastructure at POSEZ


Water Demand

The POSEZ Industrial Zone would require 31,196m³/day on average. If activities are carried out 320 days per year, the total annual water requirement will be 9,982,720m3m³.

Annual water usage would be  13,976,000m³ in a maximum consumption scenario.

Water Demand

Power Supply

For high voltage power, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand will connect high voltage lines of 115kV from a substation in Sakew province to a new 2 x 50MW substation in the POSEZ Industrial Zone. This new substation will convert 115 kV to 22 kV for distribution to all of the zone's factories. 

All utilities, including the water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, lift station, drainage pumping station, CCI head office, Customs office, CDC office, and other facilities, will be supplied by low voltage power lines. At each location, a 22kV/phase transformer will be installed.

  • Within the POSEZ, 30,000 m2 will be reserved for a future power plant.
  • The POSEZ's required power is expected to be 45 MW.


Water Filtration and WasteWater Treatment Plant

  • A total of 30,000 square meters will be reserved for the construction of water purification facilities and 2 reservoirs.
  • A wastewater plant will be built on 30,000 square meters to recycle water from the SEZ.

The central wastewater treatment plant in the POSEZ Industrial Zone will utilize an activated sludge process with a capacity of 19,000m3/day.

Water Filtration and WasteWater Treatment Plant

Solid and Liquid Waste Processing Plant

  • A Garbage Treatment Plant will be reserved on 5 hectares of land
  • The plant will include an 80-ton-per-hour furnace that can process 700 tons per day

The industrial zone's solid waste will be disposed of in a safe landfill. The landfill  is planned for a plot of land east of the industrial zone adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant. east of the industrial zone. The wastewater treatment plant will also contain an incinerator with a capacity of 500kg/hr to facilitate the disposal of certain solid waste types.


Telecommunications System

  • Next Generation Network
  • Application Server Farm with billing system, UMS, call center, voice VPN, voice portal, video conference

A telephone system for office buildings and factories will be installed according to the regulations and standards of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC).

CCI will provide telephony switching equipment that will allow a contractor to set up a system with at least 1,024 land lines.

Telecommunications System

Industrial Zone

  • It will be an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and entitled for all EPZ incentives.
  • It will cover 386.30 hectares. 
  • It will be home to approximately 150 factories.
  • It will be constructed in over 5 phases.
  • There are 5 present factories under construction in phase 1.


Dry Port

  • The Dry Port will be a Free Logistic Zone and qualify for all Free Trade Zone incentives.
  • It comprises 28.6 hectares.
  • It is located next to the new border crossing point.

Dry Port

Dry Port Facilities

  • Administrative Offices
  • A 24-hour Raw Material Warehouse
  • A Container and Lorry Park
  • A Bonded Warehouse

Commercial Zone

The Commercial Zone will be a Free Trade Zone as well.

It has a total area of 52 hectares.

A Wholesale Market for Imported Products will be located in the Commercial Zone:

  • Fertilizer and Chemical Products
  • Construction Materials
  • Agricultural Machinery and Tools
  • Furniture and Domestic Appliances
  • Machinery for Food Processing

The Commercial Zone will be the export market for Cambodian

Agricultural Products:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Dried Food Stuff
  • Fresh Vegetable 
  • Rice and Grain
  • Flowers
  • Fish and Aqua Products
Commercial Zone

Residential Area and Workers City

It comprises 36 hectares.

The Residential Area will include:

  • Apartments
  • Social Welfare and Care Center
  • Single detached houses
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Bank
  • Sports complex
  • Post office
  • Resorts
  • 24 Hour Security
  • School
  • Fire Station
  • Hospital

Land will be reserved in the Residential Area for roadways, parking, and green zones, including public parks.