Ministry Message

I take  great  pleasure  in  introducing  to  you  one  of  Cambodia's  first   Special  Economic Zones  (SEZ):  the  Poipet O'Neang  Special  Economic Zone  (POSEZ). The POSEZ  is an ambitious development project  that will  include  an  Industrial  Zone,  Commercial  Zone  and  Dry  Port  in   an  area  covering  more  than  500  hectares,  with  an  infrastructure  that meets  international  standards. One  of  the  greatest  attractiveness  of the  POSEZ  is its  strategic  location  next  to  the  Cambodia-Thai  border, at less than 3 hours drive to the port of Laem Chabang. In the very near future  this  place will  be  accessible  by  a  good  highway,  by  rail  (as  part of  the Singapore-Kunming Rail Link) and by air  (once  the Holiday Airport is constructed).

After many years of war and internal conflict, Cambodia is now a country in the making, and a very  safe and  stable destination  for  foreign direct investments. Its attractiveness lies in 4  key-factors:  a  relative  political stability, a decade-long macro-economic stability (13.4% GDP growth in 2005), a sound and predictable legal framework, and Cambodian exports 
enjoying duty-free access  to  the markets of most of developed countries  (European Union, Australia, Canada, new Zealand, Norway…) and  for over 7,000 tariff lines to the US market. Not talking about other comparative advantages, Cambodia is also the only Least Developed  Country in the region to be well positioned to maximize its trade preferences deriving from this LDC status.

On top of this, the POSEZ will be administrated in the most streamlined procedure possible, with single window Customs clearance… Investments   in the POSEZ will be decided by and at only one level: a SEZ Committee chaired by the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia H.E. Samdech HUN SEN himself. Bold reforms in trade facilitation recently   undertaken by the Royal Government of Cambodia are aimed at enhancing Cambodia\'s competitiveness. Cambodia\'s Law on Investments is also one of the most liberal in  the  region. What else are you looking for?

Based  on  the  above  facts,  I  invite  you  all  to  come  to the Kingdom of  Cambodia,  home of one of  the 7 Wonders  in  the World: Angkor Watt  Temple. Let the Poipet O'Neang Special Economic Zone be your gateway to the world. Invest in it!

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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