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POSEZ Estimate Industrial Zone

We fullfill our development with technical and modern infrastructure with cost-effectiveness at POSEZ Estimated Industrial Zone. We ensure that our investors would meet their need.

POSEZ Investment Incentives

POSEZ Investment Incentives

  • One Stop Service (OSS) is designed to facilitate information, application, analysis, evaluation, investment approval, company registration, license and permit acquisition, etc. 
  • Duty Exemption imports of production equipment, building materials, and raw materials.0% Value-Added-Tax (VAT) on exports and transactions within the SEZ. 
  • 100% import and export tax exemption
  • Up to 9-year tax vacation
  • Permanent visa for families of investors 
  • Unrestricted profit repatriation
POSEZ Investment Incentives
Guarantees For Foreign Investors

Guarantees For Foreign Investors

  • All investors are treated equally
  • No nationalization of investor properties
  • No price controls on licensing investor products or services 
  • No capital flow restrictions
Ownership / Leasing Cost & Conditions

Ownership / Leasing Cost & Conditions

  • Land Ownership: 35 USD/M2 for Cambodian nationals or legal entities with a Cambodian shareholding of 51 percent.
  • Land Leases up to 70 years: 35 USD/M2 for foreigners (with possibility to transfer title in order to become the land legal owner of this fixed asset in the event of amendment of the Land Law and Constitution of the kingdom of Cambodia concerning the granting of rights to foreign nationals the right to own land in a SEZ).
  • Water supply charges: 0.35 USD / M3 , Electricity charges: 0.12 USD / Kw
  • Infrastructure maintenance service fee: 0.04 USD / M2 / Month
            (The prices listed above are estimates that will be confirmed once the agreement is signed.)

Ownership / Leasing Cost & Conditions
Potential Industries

Potential Industries

The most promising sectors include:

  • Textile, clothing, and garments industry 
  • Consumer electronics and photographic equipments
  • Processed agricultural
  • Semiconductors & components 
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotive and control instruments 
  • Agro-based products and biotechnology
  • Financial services 
  • Motorcycle and bicycle industry 
  • Paper and paper products
  • Power generating machines 
  • Other light industry
  • Industrial tools & parts

Key Benefits

Cambodian exports benefit from a number of privileges as a member of the World Trade Organization and a Least Developed Country.
  • The EU Generalized Scheme of Tariff Preferences (GSP) gives Cambodia
  • MFN Status offers Cambodia exemptions for import duties to the US for more than 7,000 items
  • 413 items are exempt from import duties to China.
  • Cambodia has bilateral trade agreements with 20 countries and is pursuing agreements with 8 other countries
As an ASEAN member, you have access to: 

  • 230 million consumers in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS)
  • 550 million consumers in ASEAN
  • The ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), which is expected to be completely implemented by 2010.

Why Invest In CCI?

  • The ASEAN Highway provides convenient access to the POSEZ.
  • China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore will be connected by the ASEAN Railway.
  • With the opening of the Cambodian-Thai border checkpoint, all imports and exports from and to Thailand will be required to transit through the POSEZ.
  • Both the Cambodian and Thai Ministries of Commerce have shown significant support for the POSEZ.
  • on January 18, 2005 in a meeting, Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed his full support for the POSEZ.
  • Cambodia's labor force is low cost.
  • Land leases are significantly less expensive if compared to neighboring countries.
  • The distance between Poipet and Angkor Wat is only143 km.