CCI Objectives

CCI is a private company and therefore seeks to make a profit through the development of the POSEZ. However, the SEZ is a government sanctioned project and therefore CCI has set objectives that serve the interest of the nation as well as its own shareholders.

POSEZ objectives on a national level include:

  • Increase foreign trade, especially cross-border trade with Thailand
  • Increase national exports
  • Attract foreign investors to Cambodia
  • Improve the investment image of Cambodia
  • Create jobs that will attract job-seekers from across the country

POSEZ objectives on a local level include:

  • Develop the physical infrastructure, bringing reliable power and water facilities to the area
  • Develop the social infrastructure, building schools, hospitals and bringing other social services to the area
  • Improve the standard of living of local residents
  • Create jobs both directly and indirectly
  • Develop local human resources through training programs

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