CCI Corperate Partnerships


CCI has undertaken an ambitious project in the development of the POSEZ and while the directors of CCI have close to 100 years of business experience between them, CCI will seek out strategic partnerships which will benefit the project.

Trust Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.

Is the largest real estate development company in Macao and is under the direction of CCI Vice-chairman Pedro Chiang. Trust began construction of its first building in 1985 and since then has completed more than 100 buildings with a combined floor area of more than 240,OOOm2. This has allowed Trust to complete 6 or 7 new buildings each year. Trust Construction and Investment and Pedro Chiang bring to CCI the experience of very large scale development projecls and the vision. Trust can also lend its expertise in design and architecture.

CC&A International Consulting Firm

CC&A is a business and legal consulting firm which specializes in industrial relations, especially in the garment manufacturing sector. CC&A was founded by CCI Executive Director Ung Uy 5 years ago and today boasts extensive list of manufacturers among its clientele. Once factories are operating within the industrial zone, CC&A will serve as a one stop location for the legal needs of the investors in the zone and can offer its expertise in dealing with industrial relations within Cambodia.

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