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Chhay Chhay Investment (CCI) is a dynamic property development company constructing one of Cambodia’s first Special Economic Zones (SEZ) along the country’s northwestern border with Thailand. 

In 2000, We saw a significant commerce potential that existed between Cambodia and Thailand. There was a hectic cross-border trade, but Poipet lacked the international standard infrastructure to manage the large-scale trade that was inevitable. At the time, we began acquiring land with the intention of building a new border crossing to handle an increase in cross-border trade.

In 2003, The Royal Government of Cambodia then unveiled a new plan for the private development of several Special Economic Zones (SEZ) along the country's borders and coast, with Poipet being one of them. Cham Prasidh was granted the opportunity to develop a region near Poipet into an SEZ through cooperation with H.E. Cham Prasidh. 

In 2004, Chhay Chhay Investment LTD (CCI) was created with the aim of creating the Poipet O'Neang Special Economic Zone (POSEZ).CCI has partnered with Trust Construction & Investment Co., Ltd, a leader in real estate development in Macau for the past 30 years, to assure the success of the POSEZ development project. Trust Construction & Investment has constructed over 100 buildings on 241,470 m² of land during that time.

The government has also created various incentives to attract foreign direct investment, particularly export-oriented manufacturing enterprises since the SEZ is considered as a vehicle to propel the national economy and provide thousands of employment to local Cambodians. 

We welcome you to invest in Cambodia and share our vision for Poipet's future development. Cambodia is a country with a rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources. Your investment here represents not only financial gain for your firm but also the opportunity to contribute to the growth of an amazing country.

Our Vision

Chhay Chhay Investment (CCI) is a property development company building Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Cambodia. 

Our vision is to develop The Poipet O’Neang Special Economic Zone (POSEZ) that would change the landscape of the border area by developing an area greater than 500 hectares into an economic center and providing over 100,000 jobs for Cambodians and attracting more foriegn direct investment (FDI) in Cambodia.

Business Plan

The business plan focuses on the expansion of the POSEZ industrial zone, which covers 389.30 hectares and includes a residential zone. The industrial zone is located several kilometers northeast of the border town of Poipet in an undeveloped area.

 In order to attract foreign investors, CCI must finish a series of international-standard infrastructure projects. The industrial zone will be built in four phases, with the first phase expected to be completed in 2018. 

CCI has already invested significant funds in clearing the land and constructing a four-lane roadway from national road to the future O'Neang border checkpoint for the industrial zone, which began in 2004. The total cost of the project is expected to be around $90 million.

Marketing Strategy

CCI has created a marketing strategy to capitalize on Cambodia's current economic situation. The POSEZ can become Cambodia's most successful SEZ by focusing on key target market investors, utilizing strategic advantages, and developing mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Established market investors from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea, as well as potential market entrants from Thailand and Japan and local Cambodian investors, are among the POSEZ's key market investors. 

The POSEZ's strategic benefits include its location near the future O'Neang checkpoint on the Thai border,and  its closeness to the Laem Chabang port.